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November 18, 2008

American LeMans Series 07/12/08. Lime Rock Park, CT.

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I finally actually got around to making it up to Lime Rock Park in Connecticut for their annual round in the American LeMans Series.

I missed the race last year because of the Boadrum event which just had to fall on the exact same day.

Pictured above is a divine Porsche as it leaves the paddock.

I am only now getting this online as I am very busy and lazy simultaneously.

I planned to write a whole bunch of shit but it was not to be.

More photos and bullshit after the jump.

You can even wander around the paddock and gawk at the all the pre-race hubbub.

Occasionally someone even drags out old gems like this Porsche 962, circa 1985 (I think). The 962 was there as a promotional complement to Dyson Racing’s Porsche RS Spyder, they had the same paint scheme and everything. The Dyson car crashed out on lap 95, unfortunately.

The other big attraction, aside from the race, is all the cars populating the infield. The rich drive these up and park them in a place where anyone has free reign to get as close as they like.

Brilliant car.

1966 Fort GT. I hope this wasn’t a replica. Notice how low it is in comparison to the magnum next to it. That is not a trick of the angle either.

Old Porsche.

Ferrari Dino.

Sea of NSX.

Modern Ford GT. Why is this the only good looking car Ford produced in the U.S. in the last decade??


American cars seem to infuriate me but I really need to stress how menacing the Corvettes were. Nothing else, they were brutal.

Aston Martin fail chronicle. They took a heavy toll despite looking like a million bucks. James Bond Was spinning in his grave.

Porsche looked good.

Acura won but damaged their aerodynamics on like the first fucking lap.

I liked this Porsche.

It won something. I snuck onto the tarmac and took winners shots. Damage to left quarter.

Y.e.t.a.n.o.t.h.e.r. Porsche. Good though.

The quietest race car ever.

Pileup tomfooolery.

Ferrari day-glo niceness. Hi-revving beauty.

Speed tv, on the mic. I got on TV whilst photoing the aftermath.

Speed TV

Look for me at about 7:38, I am wearing a blue hat and a grey shirt and looking portly.

Keep in mind the aforementioned brutality of the Corvettes, it is audible in the video.

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