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April 3, 2008

Boredoms 03/30/08

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The indomitable Boredoms played New York this past Sunday and as per my usual custom, I managed to take some photos. It is getting harder and harder to shoot this band, which is a drag because they are so visually beautiful. I will dispense with any lofty talk of the music, suffice to say, it was as brilliant and energizing as ever. The drag arose when I was informed that I could only shoot the band for the first 10 minutes of the show. It was the constraint put on all the photographers. the first few minutes alone were taken up with EYE doing his thing with those MIDI controller orb things. It is almost totally dark during that bit so my shooting time was lessened even more. The real drag was in the other photographers though. There was a woman shooting next to me who just tried to muscle me out of the way and a guy pressing in to my space from the other side of her too. It was a mad rush for photos. I usually just step back when a feeding frenzy happens but I was too mad to cede my ground. I only got a couple ok shots as a result. It wasn’t a huge deal, just annoying.


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